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Coach/Volunteer Registration 2023 09.01.23-08.31.24

Thank you for volunteering with Dorchester Little League.  This link is to register as a manager, coach, umpire, or volunteer for 2023 Dorchester Little League Baseball.  After registration is complete including the related background check, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you have any questions please send them to DorchesterLittleLeague@gmail.com

You will not be authorized to have contact with any children until the above is satisfied.  This is a requirement by Little League International and is a critical safety requirement.  No exceptions will be made.


ps - the very 1st email you will receive is auto-generated and states "successfully processed".  The final "Clear to Coach"  is the final email and that will be sent after the background check has been completed satisfactorily.

Safety Director for DLL, Neal Mullane (bfdl23@yahoo.com) manages the background check process via a 3RD party.

Opened: 08/13/2023
Closes: 07/31/2024

Open to: Men & Women