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9–10-year-old players are grouped together at the 10U level and 11–12-year-olds play together at the 12U level. We also have a City League team (see below) that will be comprised of 9-to-12-year olds that either do not make the 12U and 10U teams or choose not to tryout. DLL’s goal is to have as many kids play as possible.

10U Allstar Team and 12U Allstar Team schedules vary by age and level, but typically the season begins in late June, has a busy schedule in July and is usually over by the first week in August. Games are typically during the week at night except for the Mayors Cup as follows:

10U July 6-10th and 12U July 13 to17 and these take place at Moakley Park.

Please keep in mind that Summer All-Stars is a big commitment and should only be reserved for those who are highly committed and motivated about baseball and can make the vast majority of games and practices during the above time frame. That said, for many players, summer baseball can often be a major highlight of their season.


The City League typically is less competitive, but this can vary dramatically by team and sometimes year to year. In addition, the schedule is ten games over 5 weeks Monday-Thursday with Friday reserved for make-ups. Playoffs end by 08.15.22. Practices may be scheduled depending upon the coaches’ availability.  Rosters are larger to allow for more flexibility (vacation schedules etc.).

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