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Summer All-Star Team Selection Procedures


  1. Players will be evaluated on a COMPREHENSIVE BODY OF WORK consisting of Spring tryouts, spring season performance, summer try-out sessions, and overall attitude of the players.  


  1. Players who played in the Majors, AAA, and AA must play a MINIMUM of 60% of the regular season games (excluding playoffs) during the spring season to be eligible.  The Board may make exceptions on a case by case basis ONLY for players who sustained long-term injuries or illness (for which there is documentation) over the course of the season. 


  1. At the completion of the summer evaluation sessions, eligible coaches will be given a ballot consisting of all of the names of players who registered for a summer all-star travel team and attended the required number of summer evaluation sessions. The Board may make exceptions to this rule on a limited case-by-case basis if the Board is notified in advance of the first tryout via email.


  1. Coaches are eligible to vote as follows:  All registered Majors coaches who are officially assigned to spring teams and who attended at least one summer evaluation session for the 12 year old teams will be eligible to vote for the 12 year old teams.  All registered Majors and AAA coaches who are officially assigned to spring teams and who attended at least one summer evaluation sessions will be eligible to vote for the 10 year old teams. All registered AAA and AA coaches who are officially placed on spring teams and who attended the summer evaluation session will be eligible to vote for the 8 year old friendship teams.


  1. Each eligible coach will rank all players from #1 on down to the last player at the given age level.  These scores will take into account the overall body of work of each player as referenced above.  These ratings will be submitted to the DLL Player Agent.


  1. The top 9 ranked players at each age level  will be AUTOMATICALLY placed on the "A" team. The head coach of the "A" team (or a committee of his choosing) will then have full discretion to take 3 additional players to round out the team, taking into consideration positional needs as well as areas of strength and weakness for the team.  If there are enough players to form a B team, after the "A" team has been selected, the 9 next highest ranked players will AUTOMATICALLY be placed on the "B" team, with step 6 being repeated to round out this team as well.  If there is enough for additional teams, this will be repeated until there are no more teams to be filled.


  1. Making a team the previous year DOES NOT guarantee that player will be selected to the team the current year.


  1. Players may be subject to removal from the team due to excessive absences (more than 5 missed games and/or practices) as well as conduct detrimental to the team.


  1. If a player opts out of a team once it has been selected, if they were one of the top 9 ranked players, the next ranked player fills that slot.  If the player replaced was a coach’s pick, the coach will get another pick and players will be re-ranked as appropriate.